14 dic. 2011

Nature is the Color of Life

I'm sitting outside, it's cold,I'm surrounded by many different sounds...as a piece of music, the rhythm can't stop, it's harmonious and clear.
All those philosophic questions seem banal now. I feel the connection with Nature.
I'm a part of it. I am part of that beautiful melody that's been sounding since ancient times. I am part of it, and I will never be apart.
 Nature is precious, why do you destroy it? Why do you modify it? Have you taken nature as your enemy, despite you're nature as well? You're destroying yourselves.

 Now wonder whether you'd change the past or not. Sadly, or not so sadly, the past can't be changed. We must accept history as it is, and nature as it is, and respect it. We must adore this marvel, which created the Color of Life.

 La música suena, la música de la naturaleza. El mundo no nos pertenece. Nosotros somos parte de él. ¿Cuántas veces te habrás parado a pensar sobre esto? Probablemente varias, mas eso no ha cambiado tu forma de ver el mundo. ¿Qué es el mundo para ti? ¿Simplemente un lugar donde vivir? Reflexiona sobre esto.
 La nature est vie. La naturaleza es vida. Nature is life.

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