14 dic. 2011

Nature is the Color of Life

I'm sitting outside, it's cold,I'm surrounded by many different sounds...as a piece of music, the rhythm can't stop, it's harmonious and clear.
All those philosophic questions seem banal now. I feel the connection with Nature.
I'm a part of it. I am part of that beautiful melody that's been sounding since ancient times. I am part of it, and I will never be apart.
 Nature is precious, why do you destroy it? Why do you modify it? Have you taken nature as your enemy, despite you're nature as well? You're destroying yourselves.

 Now wonder whether you'd change the past or not. Sadly, or not so sadly, the past can't be changed. We must accept history as it is, and nature as it is, and respect it. We must adore this marvel, which created the Color of Life.

 La música suena, la música de la naturaleza. El mundo no nos pertenece. Nosotros somos parte de él. ¿Cuántas veces te habrás parado a pensar sobre esto? Probablemente varias, mas eso no ha cambiado tu forma de ver el mundo. ¿Qué es el mundo para ti? ¿Simplemente un lugar donde vivir? Reflexiona sobre esto.
 La nature est vie. La naturaleza es vida. Nature is life.

9 oct. 2011

Life - Vita - 生命

Life is just the only thing we had when we were born, and the first thing we'll lose when we pass away. Though some people think life's the most precious treasure in the world, I don't agree with them. Look at a tree, look at its green leaves, look at them and you'll realize why.
The main reason is that everything was born to die. No one can keep that precious treasure called life eternally. However, you can focus in living your life in the best possible way. It's what elder people always say, enjoy your youth because you'll miss it when you are my age. We don't understand now, but I don't really want to wait until I'm his age to realize of that. So now I say: Live a useful life, useful to others, make others' lives better, yours will become better at the same time. This is the only thing that should mean something in this world

1 sept. 2011

Golden Sun 金色的太陽

Golden Sun! What would life do without the Sun??? Sun receives many names in all the cultures: Helios, Solis, Sun, 太陽(Taiyang), Surya.
Ok, this won't be a lesson of Biology,nor Physics, nor Languages.
I just want you to think of the Sun, yes, that point in the sky, that one you can't look at directly or your eyes will burn, yes.
It is very important in our life. Without the sun, we wouldn't be able to live.
Li Sol!!!!!!

We should appreciate the things we have We are so accustomed to see something that we don't even think of what would happen if that thing wasn't there.
Imagine for one second, try to visualize all the things we have, all the things we have since we were born, product of the work of generations.
Try to think, what if you threw away all those things that old generations have done for you?
And now, for the end, Li Sol Est Importans

30 ago. 2011

Brown Earth 褐色土地



English translation(not literal)
Deng guan que lou

The sun sets in the mountains
The yellow river reaches the sea
If you want to see further
You must put yourself in a higher place

Ambition can be compared to the biological evolution.
It's an innate quality, the desire of being perfect.

Quan li sol ascendas tenus li cail,
Quan li aer turnas cal,
Quan li aqua est clar azur,
Ago stas hic, con tu, semper aiterne.

The brown colour of the Earth makes the plants grow
The brown colour of the Earth makes the animals live
The brown colour of the Earth feeds human ambition,
however, the brown colour of the Earth also feeds human love

23 jul. 2011

Grey Moon

La luna. Contemplarla en el cielo estrellado. Una esfera gris. Una silueta intangible en el firmamento. Imposible de alcanzar sin medios sobrehumanos, imposible de tocar sin naves que sobrepasan nuestro entendimiento. Pero allí está, y la prueba de que existe son sus cráteres oscuros, que muestran la huella de alguien que se atrevió a pisar su superficie.
La luna irradia una luz especial, capaz tanto de ablandar los corazones como de enloquecerlos.

The Moon is shining

22 jul. 2011

Blue Sea

Infinito mar, lleno de esperanza, recuerdos, vida, muerte, ambición por un nuevo mundo, tranquilidad inmensa, visión perturbadora.
El mar, ¿en qué piensas cuando contemplas su inmensidad?, su grandeza y antigüedad, imagen del pasado, y del futuro. Quizá pienses en tu vida, desplegada en la superficie de sus aguas. O quizá pienses en la maravilla que observas, en la vida, en cómo el sol desciende y mezcla sus colores con los colores marinos.

The ocean is absolutely
waiting to embrace the sun tonight
however, it is
Sea is in eternal calm
waiting for the sun to come over
but today it all seems different
Birds fly and talk to me

They tell me about the world
What was and what will be
And I rest in infinite peace
listening to their sweet song

A harmonious song of angels
golden angels in the sky
They talk to me about
the marvellous life

21 jul. 2011

Green Forest

With this post I start my blog. I'll write both in English and Spanish, because I do like both languages.
He llamado a esta entrada "Green Forest", porque es un nombre que describe prácticamente mi lugar ideal, un lugar donde tendría inspiración tan solo mirando los árboles y el agua.

I'm going to show something I wrote :)

Wind doesn't blow today
Water has stopped moving
The sea is quiet in the bay
All the world stops working

The time has come now
We finally meet under the eternal tree
Leaves fall slowly with no sound
Silence rejoices because of its glee

I wish the time could be forever
Though I couldn't move
I wish we could be together
I wish I could be with you