9 oct. 2011

Life - Vita - 生命

Life is just the only thing we had when we were born, and the first thing we'll lose when we pass away. Though some people think life's the most precious treasure in the world, I don't agree with them. Look at a tree, look at its green leaves, look at them and you'll realize why.
The main reason is that everything was born to die. No one can keep that precious treasure called life eternally. However, you can focus in living your life in the best possible way. It's what elder people always say, enjoy your youth because you'll miss it when you are my age. We don't understand now, but I don't really want to wait until I'm his age to realize of that. So now I say: Live a useful life, useful to others, make others' lives better, yours will become better at the same time. This is the only thing that should mean something in this world

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