2 abr. 2012


I wish I could stop this moment. No one would notice. Stop time. As humans are born, grow up, die, they complete the cycle of life. If that cycle were ever stopped, the essence of life would fly away from their bodies and souls, letting them be absorbed by the dark forces of oblivion.

As humans think, they spread thoughts, mental energy through the universe. Humans receive energy, Humans return it. Matter is constantly changing, as opposed as energy, which moves, but doesn't change.

My thoughts are the way to cheat this cycle by trying to understand it, thing that is not meant to be.
Among all the things in the universe, the only thing that never dies is energy.
In attempt to capture this energy forever, matter evolved and the miracle occurred: Life appeared.

Therefore, life's that. Matter's desire to be as eternal as energy. Though that will never occur, unless matter becomes energy, and that's when our spirit, soul or breath appear. Matter succeeded in creating this. A new essence, hybrid of matter and energy, the so-called Human being.

Even languages succeeded in this, the proof is the word "Human". It comes from "humus", term that signifies "earth","land", in conclusion; matter.
As opposed to "spirit", which signifies "breath", from "spirare", to breathe, meaning the "intangible" part.

Humans have always wanted to live forever. But this combination of matter and energy is not viable eternally. It is just the incubation of the spirit, as the human being grows up, his spirit grows in strength, and that's matter's objective.

Once matters needs to change again, Human matter changes and leaves its old form, letting human spirit fly away. But this spirit is not like normal energy. It is a new element of the universe, which crosses dimensions and frontiers, and never ever fades away.

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